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Olá, I am Mark,...

your community manager in Urban Living Essen, and I am looking forward to meeting you!

I am happy to help you with any questions, look after your safety and I love to organize cool events for the community.

You are looking for a new home where you will get to know new people immediately – but you don’t feel like living in a shared flat or a student hostel? No matter whether you study, commute to work or are new in town – everyone is welcome to enjoy life with us.

The pure life but also some privacy
here you have both. Rent your own calm oasis in one of the fully furnished apartments. In our community areas you can learn, party or do sports with your friends.

Two special highlights
Here, you can even enjoy honey from our own bees. And if you want to, you can also help the apiarist. 
With our own chickens you also have the chance to collect fresh eggs. 

See you soon!


Mark Community Manager Urban Living Essen

323 apartments
(approx. 18-50 m²)

All-inclusive rent
additional charges included

Fully furnished
with own kitchen & bathroom

Internet connection
up to 25 MBit/s

Bicycle & underground
parking spaces

Common lounge &
common terrace

Sports field &
fitness room

Event kitchen
with events & parties

Community &
facility manager

apartments for rent in Essen

Apartment "Type Comfort"

Apartment "Type Comfort"

approx. 20 - 25 m²
The comfortable miracle of space! 
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apartments for rent in Essen

Apartment "Type Comfort L"

Apartment "Type Comfort L"

approx. 25 - 29 m²
The apartment with even more comfort! discover now

apartments for rent in Essen

Apartment "Typ Komfort XL"

Apartment "Typ Komfort XL"

ca. 32 - 44 m²
Das Apartment mit dem gewissen Extra!
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apartments for rent in Essen

Apartment "Type Penthouse"

Apartment "Type Penthouse"

approx. 35 - 43 m²
The perfect solution for professionals or the luxurious option for students!
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That's how it works...

Are you interested in an apartment in Urban Living Essen?
Our single and student apartments in Essen are equipped and furnished to very high standards – you can move in immediately!
The apartments provide everything you need as a student, commuter, trainee or young professional!


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